KIPP Delta Public Schools is a network of tuition-free, public charter schools in the Arkansas Delta. Our five schools are open to all students who reside within Arkansas.

Build a Better Tomorrow

At KIPP, we believe every child should grow up free to create the future they want for themselves and their communities.

Our Approach

KIPP Delta Public Schools is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help students be successful in school, college, career, and life. Students have a longer school day and attend Saturday school quarterly throughout the year to provide more time for learning. Students frequently stay after school for tutoring and are able to contact their teachers by phone for help with homework.

Through KIPP Forward, we’re supporting students to choose and prepare for the educational and career paths that fit their goals and sense of purpose. Once on their way, KIPP advisors help alumni keep moving forward, tackling academic, social, and financial challenges they might encounter while pursuing their dreams.

We continue this work while being held to high standards for academic results and financial discipline by our Board of Directors, KIPP Foundation, and the state of Arkansas.

What Makes KIPP Delta Different?

High Expectations

We create a culture of support and success grounded in love, academic excellence and servant leadership. All of our students have access to rigorous and differentiated instruction, meaningful experiences beyond the classroom, and an intentionally holistic arts and sports program.

Academic Excellence

We prepare every student for college and celebrate all paths to a fulfilling life.

Focus on Character

We help students foster the social and emotional skills essential for their success and well-being.

Highly Effective Teachers & Leaders

We empower our best-in-class teachers and leaders to see each student as an individual, matching what sparks their curiosity with what and how we teach.

Safe, Joyful, Structured, & Nurturing Environments

Our schools provide a safe, structured, and nurturing environment so that our students thrive and maximize their learning.

Student Success and Support

Each of our students are proactively positioned for success in school, college and career. Our counselors and educators support students as they prepare for college and career, and help them to navigate the social, academic, and financial challenges the college and post secondary education may present.

It’s all about character.

Character is the group of qualities that make a person different from others. At KIPP Delta Schools, we strive to teach the following: