Why Give?

Why Give?

Your support of KIPP Delta Public Schools ensures that current and future KIPP Delta schools have the resources necessary to help students climb the mountain to and through college. KIPP Delta, like all charter schools, receives funding on a per pupil basis from the state for every student enrolled in our schools. However, unlike public schools, we are unable to access local taxes (via millage) for facility needs. In addition, we cannot receive funding from the state’s Academic Facilities Partnership program. As a result of these inequities, KIPP Delta on average gets $2,000 less per pupil and must fundraise or incur debt for facilities to house students*. Philanthropic support helps us improve and expand our facilities and fuel our growth.  It also helps us keep our commitment to students by funding our KIPP through College program, expanding student enrichment opportunities and providing scholarship opportunities.  On behalf of our KIPPsters, we thank you for your support!



Ways to Give

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Every day KIPP Delta Public Schools prove what is possible in public education. All children, regardless of background, can achieve at the highest levels. No matter where our students are academically when they walk through our doors, our promise to each and every one of our students is the same – we will do whatever it takes to get you to and through college. Each year, the number of students seeking enrollment in our schools grows and we will continue to expand our schools to serve more students and open schools in more communities with students in academic need.

KIPP Delta does more while receiving less - sending 100% of our students off to college or the armed forces with 23% less funding than the surrounding district. KIPP Delta’s efficiency is the result of a disciplined, student-focused approach to budgeting that minimizes administrative overhead and focuses dollars where they are needed the most – serving our students.

By partnering with KIPP Delta, individuals, companies and organizations are making a difference in the lives of children across the Delta, proving what is possible in public education and advancing systemic education reform. Donating to KIPP Delta is a statement that yes, you believe that any child can succeed no matter where he or she lives. Please join us in our mission to help our students climb the mountain to college and beyond.

After opening our doors to 65 fifth graders in 2002, KIPP Delta now serves over 1,400 students in grades Pre K through 12. Critical to our growth and success is the enduring belief that zip code does not define destiny. Our students have consistently invalidated statistics suggesting those living in lower income communities are somehow less capable. Eighty-three percent college and military persistence rates from our first four graduating classes suggest quite the opposite.

Since the early 2000s, the charter movement has exploded nationwide and proliferated especially in urban areas. There are more than 130 public charter schools in New York City’s five boroughs alone. However, sometimes forgotten in this rapid expansion of educational choice are rural regions, which often feature the same dire circumstances of educational inequity.

While recent trends suggest rural charters are the fastest growing segment of the sector, research also posits more high quality public charters are needed to meet the educational demands of students in these rural communities.

The story of KIPP Delta is one of an educational institution breathing new life in a rural community. In a town which has seen its population diminish in recent years, KIPP Delta has expanded employment opportunities with the simultaneous expansion of schools. Our staff has grown from four employees in 2002 to over 200 today. There is also evidence we are helping establish Helena and Blytheville as epicenters for neighboring and even smaller communities—nearly a quarter of our students commute from towns surrounding ours.

We have invested in infrastructure, building a state-of-the-art gymnasium to house our athletic programs and renovated a once abandoned theatre building downtown into a facility which now hosts our school’s drama productions. Our academic results have helped establish a sense of pride that students from our communities are just as capable as those from anywhere else—recently, KIPP Delta Collegiate High School was named the number two high school in Arkansas for academics by U.S. News & World Report. Learn More about our Academic Results

KIPP Delta is doubling the number of college ready students in the Delta. Your support is leveraged with public dollars to provide more time in school, create high expectations and fulfill our promise of ensuring every student climbs the mountain to and through college. A gift to KIPP Delta is quite literally a gift that keeps on giving.

Over the next few decades, the growth of schools that send more than 80% of their alumni on to college will mean billions of dollars in increased lifetime earnings for our students and reduced social costs for the community. The combined impact of the two has the potential to financially transform the communities our students come from and give back to. Your donation is not only a transforming force here and now for our students, but a lasting contribution to the future of the Delta and Arkansas.

At KIPP, we constantly reinforce the idea that “team beats individual.” Our students understand that they have been given a priceless opportunity and that with that comes responsibility. While they are young, they fulfill that responsibility by supporting other students (their peers) who are struggling. As adults, we anticipate that many former “KIPPsters” will come back to teach at KIPP schools.