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I chose KIPP Delta because I’m originally from a rural area. I wanted to invest in and love on kids in the same way as the women who cared enough to educate me even when I wasn’t the most willing. Often times, in the conversation about education – the paradigm fixates itself on the needs of students in urban and suburban areas; people forget we exist! The history of the modern movement for human dignity was birthed in the Arkansas/Mississippi Delta. Our debt to the people of this region is endless. I believe KIPP Delta tries to repay a little of that every day.

I love KIPP Delta because I love the community of Helena! There’s a quote from Mark Twain painted on a wall downtown that says, “Helena occupies one of the prettiest situations on the Mississippi.” Helena is a beautiful place, in my opinion. The history, the people, the future, the music – all converge to make this little town near to my heart.

Latrina Johnson

KIPP Delta College Preparatory School
Grade Level or Subjects Taught8th-Grade Literacy Teacher