Our Team

Why I choose to teach at KIPP Delta:

I choose to teach at KIPP Delta because, despite long and frustrating days, I believe that we’re making progress. The students and the staff inspire me daily, sometimes in just small ways, to continue pushing and to continue teaching so that students in the Delta have access to the highest quality education.

Why our commitment to see each student to and through college is important:

A commitment to seeing our students to and through college means that our students will have a choice. It is liberating when you can choose to be a doctor or a teacher, an astronaut or a 9-5 office worker who is passionate about something else altogether. I want to see my students to and through college so that they may make those decisions for themselves.


Meaghan Graul

HometownNahant, Massachusetts
EducationHarvard College ‘09
Grade Level or Subjects TaughtAlgebra 1 and Geometry