Our Team

Why I choose to teach at KIPP Delta:

I work at KIPP Delta because I want to work at a place that values holding high expectations for students regardless of their background. KIPP Delta is unique, because it serves a rural area. I want to be one of the people that can expose our students to many things which they would not otherwise be exposed to on a daily basis.

Why our commitment to see each student to and through college is important:

The commitment of to and through college means giving our students the tools and skills necessary to be not only great in college, but beyond. This means taking the extra time necessary to ensure that students know what college means for them individually, how to be successful while there, all while instilling values within them which they can internalize for life.

Johayne Carty-Cabey

HometownBronx, NY
EducationBachelor of Arts in Mass Communications & Minor in Sociology
Grade Level or Subjects Taught4th Grade Math & Grade Level Chair