The KIPP Delta Difference

The KIPPSTER Experience

What is special about being a student at KIPP Delta? 
As a KIPPster you will have teachers who truly care about you, and show it by being available by cell phone anytime, working with you after school, and encouraging you to always do your best. As a parent of a KIPPster, you have the right to request the qualifications of your child's teacher.

You will also find that learning is fun at KIPP. 
Through chants, games, and interactive/hands-on activities students get to learn in a variety of ways and there is always a class or experience to look forward to in school.

Finally, during your time at KIPP, you will gain a focus for the future. 
You will have a better idea of what you want to do in life and how to get there. You will know that it takes hard work to achieve your dreams, but you will also have the character strengths to help you reach these goals!

A Day at KIPP Delta

Kippster Experience

8:00 am

An exciting day full of learning and fun at KIPP Delta will start with jumping on a bus, riding with a parent, or walking to school. By 8:15, we will have already eaten breakfast, had our nightly homework checked by teachers, and started our morning work assignment for the day.

Kippster Experience

9:00 am

Throughout the day, we’ll attend classes led by energetic and optimistic teachers who make sure they are teaching us what we need to know in a kid-friendly way. They’ll use chants, incorporate art, even have us move around – whatever it takes to make sure we are equipped with the knowledge and skills we need to move to and through college! English, math, social studies, and science are all part of the daily schedule. In addition, we have blocks of time dedicated to “specials” classes every day. We attend physical education, art, and music several times each week. In higher grade levels, we have the opportunity to participate in classes like choir, dance, or even a sport.

Our academics and character in these classes are highly valued. We’re rewarded for doing well by being invited to monthly field lessons with our grade level. If we do well enough, we receive the highly prized invitation to an end-of-year field lesson, which could take us anywhere from the steps of Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. to camping within the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee.

Kippster Experience

4:00 pm

The regular school day goes until 4:00 pm, but for most of us the learning does not end there! Most teachers stick around after school to lead tutoring sessions or after school activities like art club, drumline, and canoe building. We know all of this helps prepare the work ethic we will need for college and beyond.

Kippster Experience

7:00 pm

Nightly homework in every subject is an expectation and we know the importance of completing it in order to practice the skills we learned during the day. Fortunately for us, all teachers have KIPP cell phones which we can call well into the evening to receive help if we get stuck on a question or problem. Once we’re done with our homework, we make sure we get a good night’s rest so we can wake up rested and prepared for another exciting day at KIPP Delta!