KIPP Delta Collegiate High

Clubs & Activities

KIPP Delta Collegiate High School (DCHS) values extracurricular clubs and organizations that enrich students' understanding of what they learn in class. Clubs and organizations provide students with the chance to take leadership roles outside of the classroom, a skill that is certainly beneficial to our students.


Honor Societies

DCHS has two honor societies, the Beta Club and the National Honor Society. Both honors organizations stress not only academic excellence, but also encourage students to participate in community service. Admittance to these organizations is highly competitive.


Enrichment Activities




There are a variety of athletic opportunities offered at DCHS. Participating in the Arkansas Athletics Association, DCHS has competitive and disciplined basketball, volleyball, softball, and track teams.


Field Lessons

Ninth grade students attend a week-long program at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville where they get an opportunity to experience the life of a college student. DCHS students have classes with professors, stay in dorms, and participate in recreational activities sponsored by the university.


Performing Arts

DCHS has a variety of clubs and organizations that foster our students’ appreciation of the performing arts. This includes a drama club, drumline, choir, majorettes, marching band, and step team. Each of these performing arts groups participates in community and statewide competitions and practices regularly.


Student Groups

Students at DCHS are constantly encouraged to be leaders both in and out of the classroom. To that end, there are many groups and clubs inspired by the interests of KIPP Delta students. These groups include student government, Spanish club, quiz bowl, and Harvard Model Congress.