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Stacy Johnson

2nd-Grade Teacher, Grade Level Chair KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy

  • 7:30 am: Good morning! My day starts bright and early as I get to school about a half hour before students arrive. I write pertinent information on the board and make sure I am in the right mindset to greet students in a few minutes.

  • 8:05 am: Students begin arriving. After grabbing breakfast, students begin heading to my classroom. In order to make an efficient use of time, I also check students’ homework at the door.

  • 8:27 am: In order to make sure the day starts the right way, we make sure we greet each other in a circle and also sing and dance to a few pump-up songs ☺

  • 9:30 am: It’s time for some instruction! Here, I guide a group of students working on a reading comprehension assignment.

  • 11:00 am: Time to brush up on some math facts (and dance)! Who says math can’t be fun?

  • 12:00 pm: It’s time to eat! Eating lunch with my students provides me with the opportunity to continue to build relationships and learn more about them.

  • 1:15 pm: While I am on my prep period, I try to take advantage of this time to help teachers around me get better. As Grade Level Chair, I have regular check-ins with teachers like Ms. Haymer to talk shop.

  • 3:45 pm: It’s almost time to go, so I start my daily ritual of reading my students a short story before they head out. Today’s short story: "Owl at Home."

  • 4:00 pm: Never one to miss an opportunity for learning, I make sure students are quizzed on math facts as they head out the door ☺


DaVida Pegues

6th-Grade Reading and Social Studies Teacher KIPP Forrest City College Preparatory School

  • 8:00 AM: To ensure we get a great start to class, I greet each student at the door with a fist bump or handshake. If students are having a difficult day, it is a great way to help them reset and smile!

  • 8:15 AM: At the start of each class period, I check students’ homework from the previous night. This is a great opportunity to celebrate students’ hard work and identify any deficiencies I may need to address during class.

  • 11:00 AM: At this time, I am teaching my third period class. Before we dig into our work together, we review the objective and agenda for the day so that students understand expectations and get excited for the work that is to come!

  • 2:00 PM: It is 5th period, and we are more than halfway through the day. Time for instruction!

  • 3:30 PM: We often end each day with the opportunity for students to engage in Read Alouds. This is an important time for KIPPsters to flex their reading and speaking skills. It also provides students with the opportunity to support, encourage, and celebrate each other.