Careers at KIPP Delta

Why KIPP Delta?

Put your talent to use, and help prove what’s possible for students in the Arkansas Delta.

At KIPP Delta, we measure our success by metrics well beyond standardized test scores. We believe our schools must lead students to learn, grow, and achieve transformative life outcomes. With a goal that big, we need educators, leaders and staff with the motivation, drive, compassion, and commitment to ensure that all students reach their full potential.

“The children are ours, every single one of them.” – James Arthur Baldwin


Why KIPP Delta?

Whether you aspire to master the art of teaching, lead your own school, or provide essential support services, KIPP Delta is a place where you can leverage your skills, knowledge, and character strengths to help prove the possible – that a college degree and a life of value, joy, and integrity are within reach for us all. 

At KIPP Delta, we believe in the unlimited potential of our students. Join our team and family, and see our students through until graduation day – their college graduation day.

Here’s why you need to join the movement:

The timing is historic. KIPP Delta is already redefining what is possible in public education in rural communities. Our students are beating the odds—and people across the country are taking note. Here’s your chance to build on that success and put even more rural students on the path to college.

At KIPP Delta, you can make a huge impact not only on the lives of our students, but on an entire region. The future of the Arkansas Delta depends upon the strength of its public schools. Your dedication and entrepreneurial spirit can help reinvigorate the culture and economy of a rural community.

Additionally, KIPP Delta offers competitive compensation, excellent benefits, and a positive work environment designed around the philosophy of mutual respect and the challenge of contributing to the continued success of our organization.  See the updated KIPP Delta Public Schools Salary Scale here.


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