KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy


KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy (DELA) believes that literacy is the foundation of all learning. Reading, writing, thinking, speaking, and listening are the vehicles through which students will develop a love of learning, an understanding of the world around them and the means to be change agents.



Instruction in reading focuses on phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. All students at DELA receive daily small group instruction in reading that is targeted to their reading level. The two main drivers for reading instruction are small group guided reading instruction and small group phonics. Our students also receive instruction through online computer programs that adapt to their needs.


Language Arts

All students are taught grammar and writing through Shurley English. Through this curriculum, students are given daily practice on grammar that allows them to become better writers. They also receive multiple opportunities to write and receive feedback on their writing.



All students receive math instruction through Saxon Math, a comprehensive spiraling math curriculum. An emphasis in mathematics is on problem-solving and developing a conceptual understanding of how mathematics is a tool to represent different aspects of our lives. In upper grades, students will develop skills necessary to be successful in middle school mathematics courses.



Students begin the year with an overview of science and learn the fundamentals of the scientific process. The school teaches content across the scientific disciplines including earth, life, and physical sciences. At least 20% of science instructional time is dedicated to hands-on laboratory experience. Students matriculating into middle school will have a solid foundation of science.


Saturday School

Once a month, DELA students have an opportunity to go on a field lesson with their teammates. These field lessons are connected to an objective related to what they are learning in class. Some field lessons include community events, museums, colleges, plays and art exhibits.