KIPP Delta College Preparatory


KIPP Delta College Preparatory School (DCPS) has a rigorous and intense academic program with a priority on the core subjects of language arts, reading, and math. Our goal is to provide students with a foundation that will enable them to thrive in high school and put them on a path to top colleges around the country.


Language Arts

Students entering sixth grade must master the basics of grammar and syntax.  The school places a high priority on mechanics, appropriate usage, and sentence formation.  Students receive a solid foundation that will enable them to be serious writers by eighth grade.



DCPS uses the Eureka Math program and supplements it with different KIPP techniques and methodologies. Incoming fifth graders use songs and chants to learn basics of math. Entering fifth graders are 360 Saxon math lessons away from entering Algebra in 8th grade. Students will take and complete Algebra I in eighth grade, enabling them to take Algebra II as 9th graders and be competitive with top students around the country.



All students entering sixth grade at DCPS are given reading diagnostics. The school then sets reading goals based on each student’s reading level. To monitor progress in reading, the school utilizes several programs such as guided reading groups, the Accelerated Reading Program, My Reading Coach, and Phonics Blitz. Once students are inculcated with a love of reading at fifth grade, students tackle more difficult literature at the 7th and 8th-grade level.



Students entering sixth grade receive a broad overview of science and learn the fundamentals of the Scientific Process. The school teaches content across the scientific disciplines including earth, life, and physical sciences. At least 20% of science time is dedicated to hands-on laboratory experience a required by Arkansas Frameworks. Students matriculating into high school will have a solid foundation of science.


Social Studies

DCPS uses a variety of Social Studies resources designed to make learning fun. Students learn about the United States at the fifth grade level in preparation for their trip to Washington D.C, study world cultures at the sixth-grade level and move to American History at the seventh and eighth-grade level for a more in-depth study. Local and state history is integrated into the courses at all levels. By the end of eighth grade, students will have a strong understanding of geography, civics, economics, and history.


Saturday School

Although DCPS no longer has mandatory Saturday School classes, students who need extra help with any academic work may request or be asked to attend Saturday Sessions to receive extra help.