KIPP Blytheville College Preparatory


KIPP Blytheville College Preparatory School (BCPS) inspires college-bound scholars to value learning and to work hard. Students develop proficiency on and exceed grade-level standards. Students also have opportunities to pursue their passions, develop expertise in what they care most about, and use their knowledge to exercise responsibility in their community, country, and the world.



Having a strong foundation in literacy is essential to success as a scholar. In fourth through sixth grade, students will learn oral fluency skills, grammar, phonics, reading fluency, vocabulary and word study, the steps in the writing process, reading comprehension, and how to interpret, analyze, and evaluate texts. In seventh and eighth grade, students will read, write, discuss, and debate within and outside of class. Students will develop the skills to analyze and respond to high-quality literature.



In fourth grade, students will learn the basic foundations of mathematics. Emphasis in mathematics will be put on problem-solving and developing a conceptual understanding of how mathematics is a tool to represent different aspects of our lives. In upper grades, students will develop algebraic skills necessary to be successful in high school mathematics courses.



Students entering fourth grade receive a broad overview of science and learn the fundamentals of the Scientific Process. The school teaches content across the scientific disciplines including earth, life and physical sciences. Students will spend a lot of time in hands-on experiments or laboratory experience deepening their understanding of the way things work. Students matriculating into high school will have a solid foundation of science content and be able to design and conduct scientific experiments on their own.


Social Studies

In fourth through sixth grade, social studies will be a nonfiction reading and writing class. While reading primary documents, textbooks, and historical novels, students will develop skills to comprehend, analyze, and evaluate nonfiction sources. In seventh and eighth, social studies will read and respond to texts independently, deepening the connections that students are able to make. Students will read a variety of sources and be able to investigate bias within texts.


Saturday School

Saturday School is held once per month focusing primarily on math and literacy instruction. This allows our teachers more time to do intervention and enrichment with students so that they become better readers, writers, and mathematicians and ultimately have the academic foundation they need to go to the college of their choice. Each grade-level will have a slightly different schedule with the high school focusing on ACT preparation and students at grades 4–8 getting intervention, remediation, and enrichment. Saturday School will run from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. with both breakfast and lunch being served. Bus routes will run at the normal time in the morning and then will leave school at 12:30 p.m. after the students have eaten lunch.