KIPP Delta Collegiate High


KIPP Delta Collegiate High School (DCHS) is committed to preparing all students for college. In an effort to ensure that this becomes a reality for all of our students, we have a rigorous curriculum aligned with both state and national standards.



Students at DCHS take four years of mathematics instruction, ranging from Algebra I and II, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus, to Advanced Placement Calculus. Mathematics classes are taught with a focus not only on the state mandated testing, but also on preparing students to take college-level Advanced Placement classes in their junior and senior years.



At DCHS, Science classes teach the content knowledge necessary to master the specific subject, as well as the skills necessary to thrive in college level science courses. In classes such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Advanced Placement courses, students apply their knowledge to laboratory experiments on a weekly basis.


Social Studies

Social Studies classes at DCHS are a unique way for students to make connections across and between periods in history. In Civics, World History, US History, and Advanced Placement history courses, the students are constantly reading and analyzing both primary sources as well as historical novels. Social Studies classes emphasize the skills students will need in college, with students engaging in original research projects that culminate in written papers.



Students have the opportunity to take classes at Phillips Community College while earning college credit. Classes offered at PCC include Manufacturing, Medical Terminology, and Computer Engineering. In addition to these courses, students have the opportunity to engage in electives such as journalism, art, music, and business.


Saturday School

Students participate in community service projects once per month with community partners. Students care for animals at the Humane Society, spend time with the elderly at Crest Park Nursing home, clean parks in Helena-West Helena, build homes with Habitat for Humanity, and participate in an early childhood literacy program with Together For Hope.